in order to start anew. 

I have had a story in my mind for four years. In those four years, I’ve been really focusing on personal growth and development. So as I grow and develop, so too does my story.

I have also written this story four times. I have had many pages written: 80, 90, 100, or so.

Four times, I have let those pages go.

There were parts of each story that were good, that were really well written, but something just didn’t fit.

The plot fizzled out.

I was unsure where to go next.

I questioned how real and/or how fictionalized do I want to make it, and what style?

What is my purpose for writing this book?

What do I really want people to know and take away from it?

What age and genera do I really want it to be geared towards?

So, I am letting go of Left Brain Right.

I am starting over.

Tomorrow I will be introducing: