Note to reader: I was using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. However, writing and teaching do not aways coincide, so until summer comes once more, I am going to be posting short poems. Thank you for your understanding. More from the actual story will be coming summer of 2017. These are still first rough drafts, so there may be spelling and/or grammatical errors.

© 2016 Jennifer Engel, All Rights Reserved, but feed back welcome.:)

How today’s poem can help you:

Theme: Many people get so busy taking care of others, that they often neglect themselves.

Author’s Notes: Born with mild Spineabifida, autoimmune disorder, cancer survivor.  I am beginning to realize that taking care of me is the most important job, or there will be no me to share with others.

Taking Care of Me

Taking care of me
is a full-time job,
if I do it

Like any great relationship
it takes time
and letting

Letting go
of guilt.
of expectations
of fear.

Taking care of me
is a full-time job.
Thank you
for understanding.