Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. Left-Brain excerpts will be from her care-takers’ point of view or the point of view of the friends and family around her, while right-brain excerpts will describe how she sees the situation. I will not be posting the whole story, but I will be posting practical tips when dealing with someone, or one’s own self, as they are going through traumatic, or not so traumatic, experiences. Please note these are first rough drafts, so there may be spelling and/or grammatical errors.

© 2016 Jennifer Engel, All Rights Reserved, but feed back welcome.:)

How today’s story excerpt can help you:

Theme: Many times, the way we, and other people, have done things just doesn’t work.  A new way must be found to move forward.

In today’s story excerpt, Michelle, the main character, must start thinking differently than her cave dwelling counterparts if she doesn’t want want to be stuck in the dull, gray, darkness herself.


 The Conversation
Spirit Time meets November 7th

Dim lights, eyes closed,
down into the darkness I go,
back into conversation with
a cave dweller, Fear in tow.

“Well, that’s really reassuring.”
Fear begins the conversation.
and I give him a look that says,
shut the hell up.

Fear shrugs.
The woman I had been talking with
seems to sense my next question,
for she answers before I can ask.

“People have tried…”
she looks around
towards the obvious
possible exits:

The hole in the ceiling
where the light
and water
come pouring in.

A small river,
formed from the waterfall
that seemed to flow
past a make-shift village
that surrounds it.

Receding further down
another long,
pitch black
endless tunnel.

“We’ve lost people, here.”
She says grimly,
eyes down cast
in remembrance.

“It’s safer to stay were we are
rather than try again.”
and then as if too tired by the conversation,
she walked away.

“Better settle in”
Fear chuckled behind me.
I decided to explore the village
and see where I could spend the night.”