Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. Left-Brain excerpts will be from her care-takers’ point of view or the point of view of the friends and family around her, while right-brain excerpts will describe how she sees the situation. I will not be posting the whole story, but I will be posting practical tips when dealing with someone, or one’s own self, as they are going through traumatic, or not so traumatic, experiences. Please note these are first rough drafts, so there may be spelling and/or grammatical errors.

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How today’s story excerpt can help you:

Theme: Many people have forgotten how to use their imagination to visualize and role play their way into a better situation.

In today’s story excerpt Dr. Wong uses a technique called “Talk Show Interview” in order to use Michelle’s imagination and visualization to see how she might feel about foster care.

Left then Right

Progress Report: November 3rd Compiled by Dr. Wong

Report of recent symptoms/behaviors:

Michelle’s rating scores have seemed to hover around 4, feeling fairly sad and alone.

Session Note:
Today’s session focused upon trying to determine how Michelle would feel about the possibility of being released into foster care upon release. The technique of “Talk Show Interview” was used. A transcription follows:

Dr. Wong: How are you doing today Michelle?

Michelle: Fine.

Dr. Wong: Good. Now, today I’d like to play a kind of game of pretend. Have you ever seen a talk show before?

Michelle: What’s that?

Dr. Wong: It’s a television show in which a specific topic would be brought up for the day and talked about with someone who may be experiencing a specific event or who has knowledge on a specific topic. It usually comes in the form of an interview. Oprah, Dr. Phil, for example, and sometimes Ellen would be considered examples of talk shows.

Michelle: Oh, yeah! My grandma really loved watching Super Soul Sunday.

Dr. Wong: Okay, good. Our session would probably be a bit more like Dr. Phil, rather than Super Soul Sunday. So, what do you think? Would you be willing to play?

Michelle: (a suspicious tone can be heard) sure?

Dr. Wong: Okay. Now, because this is like TV we can establish a rule. If the conversation becomes too uncomfortable, you can turn the show, or conversation, off at any time. Okay?

Michelle: (a slightly more convinced tone can be heard) okay.

Dr. Wong: The topic I’d like to talk about and interview you about today is what is your opinion about what children in Illinois might think or feel about being placed into foster care?

Meditation Session 17: November 3rd
Thoughts about Foster Care, Reality, Dr. Wong’s office

The words “foster care”
echoed in my mind,
caused my heart to drop,
and words to swirl around in my brain:

was the first to come to mind.
Who seemed to seep out of my imagination
and into the room.

was the second.
I had heard of some bad situations
on tv.

was the third.
I would have to move
to a place unknown.

was the fourth.
Not that I had many friends,
but would I have to switch?

ironically enough.
No more worries about

would there still be
even in a foster home?

that there
would not

a place she really hasn’t felt
ever since
her grandmother died.

would it be there?
and if so,
what would it look like?