Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. Left-Brain excerpts will be from her care-takers’ point of view or the point of view of the friends and family around her, while right-brain excerpts will describe how she sees the situation. I will not be posting the whole story, but I will be posting practical tips when dealing with someone, or one’s own self, as they are going through traumatic, or not so traumatic, experiences.

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How today’s story excerpt can help you:

Theme: One can stay safe, protected inside one’s own hard shell, but then, they will never see the sun.

Author’s Notes/Thoughts: Meditation, I have found, is the socially-accepted grown-up version of imagination.  This technique, so frequently used by children, has been proven with studies to be a place where we (they) can go in order to deal with difficult situations in a safe environment. Where we can problem solve, with little to no real consequence, and then bring the best solution into the real world where there are real consequences.

In today’s story excerpt, our main character Michelle, goes into her second meditation session.

Right Side

Meditation Session 2
Spirit time + Real-World Time
September 13th

Cue the floating flute music.
Dim lights already in check.
Eyes closed, down into the darkness
I go.

Back to the mountain
Maintaining fetal position.
Night fiery screaming
in my ear.

Thunder Being yelling
in the other
“Do now cower!”
I remain still and shaky.

“This night fiery is not real.
It’s a product of your own emotions.”
The Thundering Being says
over the screaming.

Not reassured,
I remain where I am.
A giant hand is placed
upon my back.

Suddenly, I am outside
overlooking the breath-taking view
my mother and grandmother
standing beside me.

Golden sun shining.
Peace and happiness surround.
“If you want to get here,
you have to do the work.”

A voice booms from above,
and just as quickly brought back
into the moment
of the night fiery.

Still cowering I hear,
“Yes, here you can stay safe,
but here is where you’ll stay.
Rise and reach for your dreams!”

“Think outside of the box.
This is not
a physical