Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. I will not be posting the whole story, but I will be posting practical tips when dealing with someone, or one’s own self, as they are going through traumatic, or not so traumatic, experiences.

© 2016 Jennifer Engel, All Rights Reserved, but feed back welcome.:)

How today’s story excerpt can help you:

Theme: I believe we all hear voices, which can be our greatest enemy or become our greatest ally. I believe these voices are our lower and higher selves. And awakening to these spirits, who do truly want to help us, is as easy as waking up from a dream.

Story Excerpt: (right side)

August 25th

Black and white and gray
swirling monochrome colors
began to shift and condense
towards a brighter white light.

The breath of the beast,
that was upon her face,
now seemed to be
her own.

breath in….
breath out….

click, clack, click clack,
squeak, squeak

“Still not awake, Michelle?”
a voice brought her to the surface.
“That must be some good dream!”
The sound of curtains opening.

A bright light caused Michelle hesitation
when it came to opening her eyes,
and yet she wondered,
Where am I?

“Well there you are!”
A large, dark chocolate face
with bright eyes
greeted her.

“I’m Ms. Anita Smith,
and the doctor’s gonna’ be so happy
you finally woke up!”
She smiled as she hung a new IV drip.

Michelle looked around, eye brows furrowed.
“You don’t know where you are, do you?”
Ms. Anita read Michelle’s expression.
“Well, you are at St. Alexian. And we gonna’ take good care of you!”