Note to reader: I am using this space and place to post parts of a new slip-fiction novel series I am working on, Left Brain Right, the story of a young girl who hears voices. I will not be posting the whole story, but I will be posting practical tips when dealing with someone, or one’s own self, as they are going through traumatic, or not so traumatic, experiences.

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How today’s story excerpt can help you:

Theme: Sometimes nature seems to reflect the mood we are in.  The question to ask ourselves is, “is it coincidence?”

Story Excerpt: (right side)

August 23rd

Without being able to use her headphones
Micelle couldn’t block out the chant
which contained throughout her day
and grew in intensity.

Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum
The Thunder Being is coming.
Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum,
The Thunder Being he comes.

Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum.
The Thunder being is coming.
Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum
There is no place to run.

She tried to focus on the sound
of the teacher’s voice and the students around her
so she didn’t have to keep hearing the chant

which seemed to be vying for her attention
and so

She also didn’t appreciate the fact
the the weather outside
seemed to be mirroring what was going on
inside her own mind.