Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.

Chapter Introduction:

Yesterday the main character, Michelle, met Old Man Time.

Today she listens to what he has to say.


The Hands of Time
Michelle took his hand,
looked into light-filled eyes
furrowed her brow and
began to ask,

“I thought Garden Island
was my home?” They turned
and walked up stone steps
towards a watch tower.

“he, he, he, he, he,”
squeaky laughs echoed
against multicolored
granite, stone walls.

“Oh, yes it is, but
you must understand,
there i s more than one
place in time-space.”

The heat of the day
cooled as they entered
the shade the watch tower
seemed to provide.

An old wooden table
along with two chairs
greeted them as they
began to sit down.

“Garden Island is
just one point in time”
he spoke as he pulled out
an object from drawer.

“Like numbers on the face,
of this analogue clock,
and like the hour hand
that goes slowly around,

so too must you go
to each place destined
before you can reach
your Garden home.”

Michelle watched as he
turned the hands of time,
in order to show,
his point more clearly.

“And if you don’t move,”
he continued on,
“you’ll get stuck in one spot—

“Like an unwound watch
that has been abandoned,
you must find a reason
to want to be wound.

You must find the strength
to keep moving forward,
which you’ve forgotten,
but I’ll help you find.”