Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.

Chapter Introduction:
Yesterday the main character, Michelle, allowed a boat to take her on a magical journey where she ended up on Spirit Mountain. Today she begins her climb.

Six Mile Hike

Michelle was never
good at measuring
distances and so
it was good that

the geriatric
sign also stated
under the arrow
“six mile hike.”

Michelle gazed up at
the protruding mass
then back at the boat
sighed and began.

After a quarter
of a mile of
difficult breathing
a rhythm began

making it easier
to continue the hike
which was under
clear, cobalt skies.

Gravel crunched under
soft, size eight foot steps.
Bird songs harmonized
with her breathing.

Musty, moss and dirt
smells inter mingled
with clean, fresh air
and hints of pine.

Three hours later
half way up it seemed
still so far away.
A good time to

stop and take rest.
Lungs still beating to
rhythm of the walk.
Heart beat racing.

Hands dip into a
small, rushing river.
Tastes like ice cubes
melting in mouth.

Another deep sigh,
a deep breath and then
begin once again
a three-hour walk.

Breath became labored
as she reached the top
and thought to herself,
collapsing, Thank God!