Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.

Chapter Introduction:
After Michelle, the main character of Left-Brain Right, was told by her spiritual siblings, Thena and Chris, to walk towards the sea shore. When she got there, she found a magical boat ready to take her to her next destination.

Warp Speed

Invisible wave
vertically rising
off the water was
getting closer.

Electric prickles
slight nauseation
rose up as she passed
the energy field.

Magical boat jerked
Michelle back quickly
as it went into
a hyper speed.

Wave of fear emerged
as peripheral
vision became blurred
and the island

was now coming at
Michelle too quickly.
A terrified thought,
I’m going to crash!

But just as rapid
as the wave and thought
and boat speeding up
occurred so too

did an instant and soft
landing happen.
The fear and nausea

An antique, rusty
voice creaked down from above,
“Welcome! And begin
your climb!” it said.

Groggy and confused,
Michelle looked up at
a splintered and chipped
old wooden sign,

which simply did read:
This way to guru,
who resides upon
Spirit Mountain.

A damaged arrow
seemed to point the way.
Very peculiar.
Michelle had thought.

And yet she climbed out
the floating vessel
in order to begin
her next journey.