Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.
Chapter Introduction:

Michelle, the main character of Left-Brain-Right, was on a peaceful garden island with her spiritual brother and sister, Thena and Chris who told her that she had to return back to her human life contract. They disappeared and told her to head towards the shore.

The boat gently bobbed
to salt-water sounds
as Michelle sat down
near the open bow.

Wind caressed her face
as Siren songs sung,
“You are on your way
towards destiny.”

Mermaids guided boat
towards the open sea
and then disappeared
beneath the waves.

Gliding gracefully,
moving magically,
a roller coaster
on tracks of blue green.

Waves of nausea
surfaced from the deep
causing want for sleep,
so she lied down.

Drifting into darkness
where no time exists
difficult to tell
how much had passed.

Rocking made difficult
awakening once more
sea-salt splashes say,
“Come on! Get up!”

White, gold rays escape
through spaces between
a cloud-filled sky that
reflects the sea.

A spot light reveals
up in the distance
anchored in water
a large, grey mass.

As the boat skims closer,
and clouds begin to clear,
rough rugged rocks reach
towards open sky

beckoning Michelle
to anchor ashore
and yet seems surrounded
by energy.

Clear dancing waves like
heat off of asphalt
entrance Michelle as
the boat draws near.