Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.

Meet Michelle. A twelve-year-old girl who experiences visual and auditory hallucinations after experiencing a set a traumas. How she sees herself, compared to how others see her. I’ve currently decided to write the “right side” of the story, the place where imagination only exists since that is easier for me and then go back and write the story form the left side, physical world, point of view.


Yesterday Michelle’s brother and sister, Chris and Thena, told her that she must go back onto the wheel of time because she has forgotten to complete her human-life contract.
Today they try to answer a few more of her questions.

A Metaphor For Life
Furrowed brow, slight pause
her soft, hushed voice asked,
“and hat if I don’t
meet the contract?”

Chris and Thena looked
right at each other
and then to Michelle
then her brother said,

“It’s a do over.
You must try again,
until finally,
lesson is learned.”

“How long will that take?”
Her green eyes wished
revealing concern
and heavy heart.

Chris, with folded hands
and relaxed shoulders
said very calmly,
“no set number.”

“And…If I don’t learn
on try two or three?”
a wave of worry
washing over.

Chris looked at Thena
and then she spoke up
a soft, glowing smile,
“well, that depends.”
“On what?” bluntly asked.
Then Thena returned.
“If you go forward
or go backwards.”

“It’s like scoring yards
in a football game.
It gets easier
after each touch down.”

“It becomes harder,”
Chris also added,
“with each direct hit
and every foul.’

“Well…,” Michelle pondered,
“I must have lost lots.”
Thena looked at Chris
who shook his head.

Then he walked over
to Michelle and said,
with wrapped arms around,
“we must now go.”