Preface: This place and space is used for sharing the rough drafts of a slip-fiction novel I am currently working on. All rights reserved, comments and feed back welcome.

Meet Michelle. A twelve-year-old girl who experiences visual and auditory hallucinations after experiencing a set a traumas. How she sees herself, compared to how others see her. I’ve currently decided to write the “right side” of the story, the place where imagination only exists since that is easier for me and then go back and write the story form the left side, physical world, point of view.

Chapter Intro: In the previous chapter the main character, Michelle, is reunited with her Spiritual brother and sister, Chris and Thena, in an imaginary world where time does not exist. They ended their conversation by telling her she has forgotten.

The Wheel Where Time Exists

Curious she asks,
“time does not exist?
It needs it’s own place,
and that is on a wheel?”

Thena nods and smiles;
Chris then does reply,
“Souls are eternal;
they can not die.

a limited time,
a physical time,
is useful too.

Being limited,
people learn about
setting boundaries
and learning how

to appreciate
all that is given
without limits.

It seems difficult
to learn these lessons,
and so, the Great Source
created time.

On each minute hand
lies a familiar
image that all seem
to understand.

That image teaches
specific lessons
that seem to have been
lost, forgotten.

When this does happen,
as it did to you,
you are placed back on
the wheel of time.”

Sister Thena then
also told Michelle,
“you have forgotten
your life contract.

You are not supposed
to be here right now.
You are supposed to be
a human.

Which you must go back to
no matter how hard,
and once you complete it
you may come back.”