Writing Tip 2
Dated 6/4/2017

Tip 2: Getting Unstuck.
Treat writing like a puzzle.

When putting together a puzzle,
one doesn’t have all the pieces in place automatically.

One takes each piece out,
sorts it
finds similar pieces
places them together
and then slowly connects smaller images
to the larger one.

Over the last two days,
I’ve been wrestling with my timeline.

Then, I had an idea!
Write what comes naturally first.

Focus on the small images that I can easily see and connect,
then go back and fill in the gaps to the larger picture.

As authors
we generally know the story we wish to write,
but we may get hung up on the order.

One way to get “unstuck” is to think outside the sequential time line.

Writing from the climax first.
Writing from the ending of the story and going backwards.
Writing from one characters point of view and voice only
then going back and writing it form the other character’s point of view and voice.
Focus on only writing about the setting, or the conflict, or one character.
Use post-it-notes to write down ideas and then place them on a wall for order.
Write, print out pages and place them on the floor like a puzzle.

By treating writing as a puzzle to be solved,
rather than a time line that has to be followed,
we are able to allow ourselves, as writers, to develop flexility and creativity,
which generally doesn’t come all at once but comes slowly,
one snapped-tother piece,
and section,
at time.