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Question of the day: What would you recommend?

Option 1: Leave in the medical chart Day Three: Left Observation as is, with the idea that I will begin to describe the nurse and how she sees Michelle from a more narrative point of view on day four, or…

Option 2: Take out the medical chart Day Three and begin to Describe how the nurse sees Michelle from a more narrative point of view sooner.

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Day Three: Left

Date of Exam: 5/31/2016
Time of exam: 10:16:02 AM

Patient Name: Michelle Joy Williams
Patient Number: 1000010649803

Nurse: Mawi Ersamo

(1) Vitals (2) Mental state (3) physical state (4) abnormal observations

Observation Documentation:

(2) Michelle is still asleep; however, she has been verbal in her sleep. Her tone appears to be happy and peaceful. Patient is still unresponsive to verbal noises and physical touch that is used while taking vitals. (3) Her skin his warm, and slightly sweaty, but without pallor or cyanosis. All skin remains in tact without tears o any noted decubitus ulcers. Respiration is regular and non-labored. (1) Lungs sound clear. Pulse ox on right index finger showing saturation of 97%. Heart rate regular. S1 and S2 apical heart sounds clearly heard. Patient was categorized for urination, which has been voided and is clear and is transparent yellow. No indication of BM since before admission. VS 130/85, 98.7 F. Upon examination and review of charts, Dr. Wong recommended reducing Michelle’s medication from .75 mg of Xanax per day, administered intravenously every three hours, to .30 mg of Xanax per day in order to encourage consciousness. —- Mawi Erasmo, RN.

Day Three: Right
Forgotten What?

“You have forgotten”
Chris had repeated
and waited for her
to show response.

“I’ve forgotten what?”
worriedly she asked
joy turning to guilt
and a sad heart.

“what your purpose was
in that other place,
the physical world,
where you were sent.”

Michelle turned around
sat upon the ground
sighed and said, “perhaps.
It is tough there.”

Coming from behind
cool silk, and warm arms
wrapped themselves around
her slight shoulders.

Mint breath breathed the words,
“you are not alone
we are with you still,
even unseen.”

Deepening into
her sister’s embrase
a wave of sorrow
did engulf her.

Tears began to fall
upon soft, peach cheeks
Did I disappoint?
she wondered.

Thena read her mind,
“Of course you did not.
You simply forgot.
There is still time.”

“Time for what?” she asked
while pulling away
and turning to face
older siblings.

“To go back and to
accomplish what you
went to go do.

“But since you forgot
you must once again
go back on the wheel
where time exists.”

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