Thunder Being

© 2017 Jennifer Engel, All Rights Reserved

Zack cont…

Synopsis: Michelle had been hearing voices. She was looking around the art room to see if anyone else had heard them as well, only one boy, Zack seemed to notice. They begin an interaction.

She paused, pressed her palms into her olive complexion
ran her hands past her cheek… over hear ears
through her hair… and down the back of her neck
trying to ease some of the tension that was beginning to build up inside of her.

She looked back up at Zack,
whose black eyebrows,
which matched his hair and any clothing he ever wore,
were furrowed in concern.

Michelle smiled, got up,
and placed her hand
upon his cool, slippery leather jacketed shoulder.
She talked quietly into his milky-white ear:

“I just don’t think…
she gave herself a pause to think
she couldn’t tell him
she was hearing voices

“I just don’t think
I got enough sleep or something,
She pulled away
daring herself to looking at him.

She searched his face for understanding.
It worked. She found what she was looking for.
His eyebrows relaxed.
He smiled and nodded.

Michelle nodded in return,
got up, and then made her way
to the teacher’s desk.

Had she been stuck in a maze,
it may have been just as complicated.
The room was overcrowded with
wooden tables and black-topped silver stools.


Synopsis: Michelle had been hearing voices. She was looking around the art room to see if anyone else had heard them as well.

No one indicated anything. They were so engaged in their art
they didn’t even seem to notice the storm outside.
Not only that, but they were so engaged with their conversations,
they seemed to ignore their art.

This was typical for young adults,
just barely entering their teens.
More often than not they have a hard time realizing
there is a whole world outside of themselves.

Instead, like many school children
who do not value the opportunity of a free education,
they were more focused on discussing the weather
and other popular gossip of the day.

a boy in which Michelle had become quite found of,
over the last several months,
must have seen her emotions betray her
for he asked if she was okay.

Michelle looked into his eyes
which always reminded her of Robin’s eggs,
except instead of containing a hard outer shell
his baby blues could break through any barrier.

His piercing stare always made her feel uncomfortable,
so she never looked into his eyes for long.
“Yeah” she said shaking her head,
as if trying to shake the voices out as well
“I think I just need a drink…”

She paused, pressed her palms into her olive complexion
ran her hands past her cheek… over hear ears
through her hair… and down the back of her neck
trying to ease some of the tension that was beginning to build up inside of her.

Introduction to “The Thunder Being.”

As a new author, I am still trying to find my voice, my structure, my story.  The story that has been living inside of me for four years. I started with “The Thunder Being,”  moved to “Momma Bloom’s Island,” and ended up at “Left Brain Right,” which never felt quite right.  After a discussion with my writer’s group, they basically told me, “go back to the beginning.” I have to agree with them, so here I am.

The posts will be infrequent, yet on a schedule.  I meet with my writer’s group on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, so that is when I will post.

Feedback desired and welcome.  All rights reserved.  – Jennifer


This book is dedicated to all of those who are lost in the dark

Who ambushed by their own anger
or the anger of others

To those who are bereaved by bitterness

To those caged in chaos

To those who are destined for destructiveness

To those who fight fear

To those who are hostage to hopelessness

To those incarcerated by impatience

To those jailed by jealousy

To those locked up in loneliness

To those manipulated into misery

To those penned up by panic or paranoia

To those who’ve been sent to the stockage of self-hatred

To those who are tied into being timid

To the unconcerned and unforgiving

To those victimized by violence

And to all who want a way out

Chapter 1

They Come

Bum, bum Bum, bum
Bum bum, Bum bum
Bum, bum Bum, bum

The Thunder Being is coming: Bum, bum
The Thunder Being he comes: Bum, bum
The Thunder Being is coming: Bum, bum
There is no place to run!

A sound wave from a loud crack of thunder
fiercely pierced and infiltrated it’s way through
the thick, cold stone walls of Hellen Keller Junior High
and coiled its power around the hearts of the students within.

A flash of lighting wedded itself to the thunder
escaping from the dark cloudy chasm above
illuminating the oppressive overcast sky
which only add to the atmosphere of anxiety.

Michelle had been hearing voices for days
and she didn’t appreciate the fact that
the weather seemed to be mirroring
what was going on inside of her mind.

At first the voices were soft and gentle
like a little gnat buzzing in her ear,
but slowly, with each passing minute,
they were growing louder…and stronger

She wasn’t stupid.
She read Harry Potter,
when Hermione told Harry,
“even in the Wizarding world hearing voices isn’t a good sign.”

She scanned the art room
searching other faces
to see if they too might be reacting
to the outside environment around them.


An Orchid’s Lesson

An Orchid’s Lesson

My owner
tried to
foce me

in doing so

I healed,
and found
a new

A path
that will
allow me
to bloom.


Animal Companion

While on our journey,
Creator also sends,
or has with us from the start,
an animal companion.

They tell us:
Trust Creator
I do.

As the Creator clothes me,
so too will Creator cloth you.
As Creator feeds me,
so too will Creator feed you.

As Creator is always with me,
so too
am I
with you.

The Guide

The Rough Guide

Grandfather always
sends someone before us,
while on our journey,
towards our vision.

I call him,
The Rough Guide.

The one who goes before.
He cuts down obstacles,
but does not
demolish them.

The one who looks at us and says,
Do not be afraid!
You can do this!”

Those who hand over their fear,
or who go on, even if afraid,
are the ones who will reach
their goal.

Be warned!

Somewhere along the way,
it will take
a leap of faith,
a stepping out into the darkness,
and a willingness to keep going,



There is a Grandfather Spirit
that many have seen

Dr. King, April 3rd, 1968
“I just want to do God’s will.
And he’s allowed me to go up the mountain.
And I’ve looked over.
And I’ve seen the Promise land.”

Black Elk, from Black Elk Speaks 1961
“I was standing on the highest mountain of them all,
and round about beneath me was the hope of the world,
and while I stood there,
I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw.”

Walt Disney’s Original Vision, 1953
“One day Walt Disney had a vision.
It was a vision of a place
where children and parents could have fun together.
The more Walt dreamed of a “magical park,”
the more imaginative and elaborate it became.”

Grandfather takes us to the top of the mountain.
First, to see: a vision for ourselves, and then for others.
After, grandfather takes us to the base of the mountain.
He tells us:

“Go! Climb! Get your vision!
It will not be easy.
You will stumble. You will be in the dark,
but there is a light, and a promise at the top,
that no darkness can touch.”



Discern, Dear One.
For one side often sounds like the other.
Therefore, we must always ask:
why, and for what purpose?

If a thought, or experience,
creates fear,
and confusion,
it is the confounded.

If a thought, or experience,
creates compassion,
and clarity,
it is the enlightened.

If a thought, or experience, imprisions
it is the confounded.
If a thought, or idea, frees
it is the enlightened.

To know thy voice,
is to know thy path.
To know where thy path is leading,
is wisdom.

You Will Know Them by Their Fruit


These shape-shifting spirit guides,
you will know by their fruit.
Yet, be cautious,
one often looks like the other.

And like fruit,
you will know them
by the reaction they cause
when eaten.

The Confounded
lies makes afraid,
confuses, destroys,
and divides.

The Enlightened
tells truths, gives courage,
clarifies , creates,
and joins.

The Confounded makes complicated
scatters, and imprisions.
The Enlightened makes simple
focuses, and frees.

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